This is a very informative map. I would be grateful to receive a printed version by mail and will find a nice place for it in our premises, if you agree.

Axel Eggert

Director General



Thanks for the link to download the map. We were lucky to receive from you a printed version of this map at the conference "Black Sea Grain 2020", which was held the other day in Kyiv, a very informative and useful map, thank you.



Ekaterina Kuznetsova 

Etno Shipping Odessa 


Thank you for the informative graphic reference material. I hope our cooperation will continue. With best regards,

E. Novozhilova

GAFTA Kyiv office



Thank you very much for your promptness. Your maps are popular in our company, map meets its main requirement – it’s informativity!!!

Olga Knyazeva


LLC "UK" Sibproject "




I would like to thank your editors for map. It was very popular at Metal-Expo.

We are very happy to cooperate with you.

Daria Shturmina

Business Development Manager Russia/CIS

Bronx International Pty Ltd


Your map becomes very interesting and important map. It is good and necessary project.

Vladislav Belousov

Senior Manager for Analysis of Raw Materials and Steel Products Markets

Magnitogorsk MK

steel-making majors in Russia.

SOLLERS company would like to thank you for our cooperation and for providing us an opportunity to receive your reference industry maps! These products are in great demand in our company.

 Olga Ostroukhova

Purchasing Directorate



I am happy to say that all maps got here today. I am truly surprised with the quality of the details of all maps. It’s an extremely rich source of information.
Thank you once again for sharing this material.
With the maps in hand, I believe that our CIS and MENA Marketing team will be very inclined to advertise in your next project

Marcel Cardoso Neves
Corporate Marketing Intelligence

Thank you for your reference maps!

Maps were not only made in a great quality, but also are rich in useful information to our company!

Liliya Izgalina
Market Analyst Russia & CIS Global Market Development
The Linde Group

 Thank you for maps, very useful product.

Petropavlovsky Oleg

Metals and Fertilizer Analyst

BCS Investment Bank