Steel Products for Russian Construction Market 2013

Steel Products for Russian Construction Market  reference map is a carrier of ecxlusive information on geographical location of the plants-producers of flats, longs, metalware, tubes, metal construction and ultmate consumers-ferroconcrete goods, the largest indusrtial and civil engineering construction companies, producers of light metal constructions, roofing materials.

Map metalloproduction 2013 eng
Format: 1000x700mm
Number of copies: 2000pics
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  • Metinvest Eurasia
    Metinvest is an international vertically integrated mining and steel group of companies. Metinvest Eurasia sells rolled products of MetinvestHolding's producers of steel product on Russia market.
  • Revyakino Metal Rolling Plant
    Revyakino Metal Rolling Plant is modern and updated enterprise, which is produced reinforcement bars, angles.
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