Refractorship 2012

Refractorship 2012. Test-Drive calendar Refractorship calendar is traditional present for market specialists of metallurgical, constructional, machinery and glass industry.

Calendar distribution will start at Metal-Expo 2011, international industrial exhibition, November 15-18, Moscow

The previous calendar's editions were issued due to sponsorship such leading market participants: VKV, Vesuvius, Damrec, Thermal Ceramics, VGH, Calderys, HoldiTazhProm, OgneuporGarant,  Diatomit, Ropczyce,Promstroyremont, Merkuriy, Chasovoyar Refractory Plant

Calendar refractorship 2012 eng
Format: 1000x700mm
Number of copies: 4000pics

General sponsor:

  • Calderys

  • VGH Viktoria Garten Huttenindurmebedarf AG

    The producer of the ceramic refractories
  • Interpromsnab

  • Sheffield Hi-Tech Refractories Germany GmbH

  • Teplokeramika

    Refractories of different dimension types gun mixtures, mortars, coatings for melting facilities
  • Damrec
    Damrec is the world leader in Andalusite production. We have currently several deposits in operation. in France. South Africa and China enable us to supply to more than 40 countries world-wide. Andalusite is a Natural Alumino-silicate with high refractoriness and resistance to thermal shocks. Andalusite is used for a large range of applications: Iron. steel. aluminium. cement. glass industries are the main end-users.
  • Vesuvius
    Vesuvius is a community of experts developing products and solutions and providing services in the molten metal, glass and renewable energy industries for its customers worldwide.
  • Научно-Технический центр "Бакор"

  • Morgan Thermal Ceramics
    Morgan Thermal Ceramics designs, manufactures and installs a broad range of thermal insulation products that significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in a variety of high temperature processing applications.
  • HoldiGroup
    Manufacture and sale of refractory and heat-insulating materials
  • Color Metals
    Enterprise is specialaized in production of kaolin, rare earth concentrates, glass and foundry sands
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