Metallurgy of Belarus Republic 2011

Metallurgy of Belarus Republic Informational Map is a carrier of exclusive information on geographical location of steel manufacturers, traders and the largest ultimate consumers in Belarus Republic. In informational tables is presented data on steel works products range and producing capacity, sipments and consumption structure. The map is known to traders and consumers which represent the basic steel consuming industries of Belarus, to traders realizing export-import shipments of steel products and raws, and is known as authoritative, objective and useful information source.

The first edition of the map was issued in 2009 with support of Sponsors:

Severstalbel, Belmetall , Department for Wholesale and Retail Trading in Metal Production State Trading Unitary Enterprise, Almier.

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Format: 1000x700mm
Number of copies: 2000pics

Our advertisers:

  • Almier
    Almier Ltd. is the first tubes and steel products supplier in the Republic of Belarus. Direct supplies from Russia and Ukraine. At the warehouse there are steadily more than 200 items of tubes and steel products with total volume – 3000 tonnes. Own production of steel constructions.
  • Inspectorate
    Inspections of cargoes, carrier equipment and storage areas. Laboratory services: metals. minerals, oil and oil products, agricultural products, fertilizers, general cargoes. Appraisal services and inspection of documentation.
  • BelUGMK

Contact person:

Svetlana Baeva
+7 499 346-20-40; +38 0562 36-54-21 (ext. 248)

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